Episode 22 - The Back Door Bros Return ft. Ronn Vigh

Today's episode features the return of the great Ronn Vigh, comedian extraordinaire and show runner for the Sunday Showcase at the Punch Line in San Francisco! Along with his quick wit and seemingly endless array of innuendo quips, Ronn brings with him his infinite knowledge of comedy and nearly 20 years of doing stand up. On this episode we talk about his foray into bowling at a young age, burning his penis with an iron, getting into comedy for the first time in New Jersey, writing for Joan Rivers, and the proper etiquette to introducing yourself to him at the Sunday Showcase. We also go down the rabbit hole briefly before climbing back out to talk about how gay people hooked up before Grindr. This is as close to an educational episode about comedy as this podcast will ever get. Do yourself a favor and listen to this super informative edition of the Door Bros Podcast.

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